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Vetaque takes great pride in being a responsible citizen around the world. Our care for the global landscape, coupled with our social responsibility and excellence in business defines who we are as an organization.

We see it as our duty to tackle the challenges we are faced with as global citizens and set expectations to overcome them together: simply put, we are driven by our commitment to raise a healthier future inside and outside of the farm.

The trust and care our company leaders hold for the planet is of paramount importance to the long-term health of Vetaque and the entire pharmaceutical industry as a whole.

Our passion for supporting the community and the pride we carry throughout our pursuit of excellence has led us to a partnership with three football teams in Iran. Our U18, 18+ and first division league squads are dedicated to living a healthy and active lifestyle, promoting teamwork and commitment. We are a proud supporter of all three clubs and continuously monitor their growth and achievements throughout the season.

We are all part of the same team striving for a better tomorrow. We are all Vetaque.


Our vision is to lead the way to a healthier world. This will only be achieved by leading the market in innovation, making quality, integrity and excellence hallmarks of the way we do business. By attracting, developing and motivating the best people and by continually growing and improving our business.

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